AKAM Property Management and Realty Services

AKAM Living Services, Inc. provides a full spectrum of professional property management and realty services through the exceptional services of affiliated AKAM companies. Each of our six companies joins in our pledge of total commitment to maximizing property value while simultaneously enhancing quality of life for homeowners in the condos, co-ops, condops, and homeowners associations under AKAM management in New York and Florida.

AKAM Associates, Inc.
New York
Exceptional Residential Management, Impeccable Reputation

Founded in 1983 and today among the most highly respected residential management firms in metropolitan New York, AKAM Associates is the flagship company of AKAM Living Services, Inc.

AKAM Associates provides award-winning portfolio and on-site management to an outstanding roster of discerning Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn co-op, condos, and condops..

For more information about AKAM Associates' award-winning residential property management services or to request a proposal, call President Michael Berenson at 212-986-0001. We look forward to talking to you. 

AKAM On-Site, Inc.
Exceptional Residential Management, Impeccable Reputation

A recognized leader in Florida's residential management industry, AKAM On-Site, Inc. provides portfolio and on-site management for many of Florida's most prestigious condominium associations and homeowner associations. Our firm enjoys an outstanding reputation for innovation and service delivery that expertly anticipates and responds to our clients' needs.
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AKAM Sales and Brokerage, Inc.
New York and Florida
Exceptional Brokerage Services, Impeccable Reputation

In addition to our full menu of AKAM property management services, homeowners in New York and Florida can take advantage of our boutique, personalized sales and brokerage services. AKAM Sales and Brokerage provides an exceptional program of AKAM sales, rental, leasing, and brokerage assistance for discriminating homeowners who seek individualized attention and swift, superior results.
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Project Management Group, Inc.
New York and Florida
Exceptional Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Project Management

Project Management Group, Inc., (PMG), offers superior expertise and experience in the total management of all capital projects in residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout metropolitan New York and South Florida. PMG's customized programs follow a project from conception to close-out and work to ensure on-time, on-budget project success. 
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The Ashtin Group, Inc.
New York and Florida
Exceptional Commercial Management and Leasing

The Ashtin Group, Inc. manages commercial properties throughout metropolitan New York and South Florida with a unique approach that sets us apart. While others focus on soliciting tenants, The Ashtin Group concentrates first and always on creating and maintaining commercial spaces that epitomize first-class quality. When an owner can offer tenancy in a property characterized by superior management that results in workplace comfort, cleanliness, and ease, the best tenants will find that building and stand in line to strike a deal that will keep them anchored there.
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The Living Services Institute, Inc.
New York
Information. Inspiration, Innovation

Client Testimonials: see what our clients have to say…

"Satisfaction is high!"

“AKAM has brought a focused and professional expertise to managing our building. They have brought leadership to the front-end, and an efficient transaction-based engine to the middle- and back-end.  Prior to AKAM, the Board had to engage in almost every building activity.  Now the Board focuses on strategic opportunities and activities only. Owners get immediate service for all their needs, whether simply a returned phone call in regard to a question or an effective turn-around to a renovation, refinance, or resale situation. Satisfaction is high.” 
-- President, 205 West End Avenue Owners Corp.